Captured In Time | Teacher Tells Class ‘No Phones’ For Test, This Student’s Response Is Phenomenal
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Teacher Tells Class ‘No Phones’ For Test, This Student’s Response Is Phenomenal

It’s common knowledge that teens like to bend the rules sometimes, and that definitely applies to students in high school and in college. Eric Saueracker is a physics teacher at Hudson’s Bay High School in Washington, and he was preparing a midterm test for his students.

He explicitly told his students not to bring any phones that day, because the phones could be used for cheating purposes. Some students weren’t too happy about it because they couldn’t listen to music while filling in their midterm exam.

The class had a discussion with the teacher regarding the ‘no cell phone’ rule a day earlier, and a 17-year-old student named Wyatt Prutch decided to joke around a little bit.

Of course, the teacher didn’t think anything of the joke and certainly didn’t think Wyatt would capitalize on it. But he absolutely did.

The thought of seeing a 17-year-old with an old-fashioned record player is certainly uncommon, but that’s exactly what Wyatt did. The student recalls the teacher jokingly saying that music would be allowed under specific no-cheating circumstances. Whether you call it bending the rules or reading between the lines, you certainly can’t deny that it’s smart.

Somewhat ironically, Wyatt listened to Kanye West’s song “The College Dropout” on an LP. In case the midterm test did take longer than anticipated, the student also brought classic LPs such as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Late Registration. It doesn’t look like he needed these additional records, as he felt confident in his ability to complete the exam.

He specifically said ‘no cell phones’, and this record player technically doesn’t break the rules. Luckily, the man definitely saw the humor in the whole situation and allowed the high school student to take his test while listening to Kanye West’s music. Mr. Saueracker even helped the young man with an extension cord so he could power up the record player.

In fact, his post was liked almost 650,000 times and no less than 204,000 people are talking about it!

Wyatt was surprised that his teacher’s ‘no phones’ policy and his own ingenious response went viral. Tons of people were commenting on the record player itself and asked the student how his test went.