Captured In Time | Lensbaby Velvet 85
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Lensbaby Velvet 85

The focal point is extremely well made and when you grasp it you can feel the coolness of the metal it is produced using. It isn’t an excessively overwhelming focal point, but on the other hand it’s not light. It is greater than the Velvet 56, which is not out of the ordinary, however not a considerable measure heavier.

They are both exceptionally well made, brilliant lenses.Like most focal points that are accessible available today, the Velvet 85 can be utilized for a wide range of sorts of photography. I utilize it for the most part for large scale photography and discover it better than average. In any case, you can likewise utilize it for likeness, city photography, and scenes. It doesn’t work the same as different focal points as you get an extremely delicate concentration impact with it, however for a great many people, that is precisely why they purchase it.The focal point is totally manual and you can’t utilize your camera to control it, as you can with different focal points. You have to change the opening and center it yourself. You won’t have the capacity to perceive what gap you utilized when you download the pictures to your PC either.Focusing is additionally manual and you have to change it as you take your photographs. It turns far and you need to bend the centering ring a great deal. A few cameras can disclose to you when the picture is in center, for instance, Nikon does. When you are at that spot of good illumination, at that point the round speck in the viewfinder shows up. In any case, as you get used to the focal point you should depend on that less.

For large scale photography, a great many people tend to utilize manual concentration in any case and it is simpler with this focal point. You can center where you need and afterward move yourself and the camera to a spot where the picture will be in center.

For scene photography, you can set it to boundlessness and you ought to get pictures that are sharp, contingent upon your gap. For objects in the middle of large scale and endlessness, you should practice and see it goes. That is most likely the region I found the hardest, however as I did it more, it wound up plainly less demanding.

With numerous focal points now you can change the opening with the camera, be that as it may, the Velvet 85 is more similar to a vintage focal point from more established style cameras. It doesn’t speak with your camera and you have to control the gap yourself. To transform it there is a gap ring on the focal point which you swing to alter it to the setting you need.