Captured In Time | HYPOCRITE? Snapchat Star Creates Controversy After Sharing How She Funds Luxurious Lifestyle
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HYPOCRITE? Snapchat Star Creates Controversy After Sharing How She Funds Luxurious Lifestyle

Social media stars have been under a lot of fire lately. All of their content is supposedly sponsored and about money. Suzy released a video where she tells her followers how to become famous like her. Things did not exactly go as planned. She lost more than a million followers after her controversial reveal.

Snapchat Stars like Suzy receives lots of hate.

There is so much controversy around social media stars these days. On top of that, there’s the hate around ‘influencers’, people getting paid to promote a product on their social media. These people receive the most hate because people think they are faking their lives to make as much money as possible by duping their followers. Their followers can only dream of living the same type of life as these stars, a life filled with glitter and glamour. The most popular have many pictures of them in their bikini during an exotic trip or a selfie of them with lots of make-up. People are getting tired of this, they want to know who these people really are, not what they’re pretending to be.

Suzy lived a luxurious life, she drove around town in a Ferrari.

The Power of Snapchat

Suzy is one of the stars on the horizon. She may not be Kylie Jenner-like famous, but she definitely is on the rise. Last year has been absolutely huge for her. She gave up on her full-time job as a waitress and fully focussed on her Snapchat career. Things paid off because she gained a few million followers. Like many other, she is often contacted by companies, offering her some cash in exchange for promoting their product or service. “Not everyone understands why I do it,” Suzy says, “but I have a good relationship with my followers and the reactions are mostly positive.”

Suzy’s favourite sport was golf.

More Ways To Spice Up Your Snaps

Suzy had a plan to bring stars like her in a better light in the eyes of the general public. “What if I reveal how I’m able to live in such luxury? What if I show them what started it all?” One night she posted a whole bunch of Snapchat Stories, explaining everything, but by doing so created a huge controversy. People were furious because they felt it was all one big lie. Suzy had told her followers she became so famous by simply reading a book. She became inspired after reading the book Snapchat: How To Get Followers On Snapchat. She found some useful advice in there and immediately saw results after applying them to her Snapchat account. Everything went wrong, she wanted to create transparency and instead, everyone hates her even more…

She told her followers her success came from this book. But nobody believed her.